InvesCore Financial Institution was founded in 2016 and has since been operating in the micro-financing market, introducing advanced technology and providing innovative and swift service to our customers. As of today, we have 16 branches in Ulaanbaatar, 1 branch in Erdenet city, Mongolia and subsidaries in Japan and Kyrgyz Republic. Moving forward, we are focusing on launching our business in the markets of South East Asia and Central Asia with an objective to expand our service.


Total employees


Total amount invested into employees' initiated projects


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Total amount invested into employees' career development.



Our mission is to provide innovative financial products and swift services with seamless professionalism and be the reliable financial assistant to our customers.


We will provide innovative products and services in the financial markets of developing countries worldwide and create a reliable financing to support individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises.



Our core value is to be sincerely aware of our responsibilities before our customers, colleagues, investors and partners and to operate with the best business ethics and principles.


The pursuit for greater achievements and our strive towards expansion, innovative products and services, and new opportunities motivate and keep us advancing forward.


The driving force and engine of InvesCore Financial Group is the young and energetic professionals, who work in a seamless synergy.


We operate with expedient decisions and complete execution, while keeping our day-to-day operations faultless and precise like a clockwork.


Financial consulting service

Financial consulting for SME's.

Investment consulting service

Consulting on investment projects and business plan.


Financing of account receivables for SMEs to strengthen cash flow.

Payment guarantee service

We provide payment guarantee service to individuals and business entities for Bidding, Bank loan, Project loan.

Alliance program

A program to support local NBFIs.



January , 2016

Started its operation in Ulaanbaatar with 6 licenses from FRC

January , 2017

Launched new products: "Car loan", Business line, Credit card, SME loan

December , 2017

Outstanding NBFI award (Mongolian Chamber of Commerce)

March , 2018

Established IT company "Invescore AI Lab"

June , 2018

Started online car sales web site

October , 2018

Connected to the "HUR" state database center, as a first NBFI.

November , 2018

Developed Smart-LOS system.

December , 2018

Developed AI based scoring system.

December , 2018

The Best Investor award (NBFI Association)

December , 2018

Outstanding NBFI award (Mongolian Chamber of Commerce)

March , 2019

Established "Invescore Wallet" LLC, a fintech NBFI.

June , 2019

Listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange

June , 2019

Extended operation into Erdenet city.

June , 2019

The Best Investor award (NBFI Association)

December , 2019

Outstanding NBFI award (Mongolian Chamber of Commerce)

January , 2020

Acquired NBFI "Zolotoi standard" in Kyrgyz Republic.

January , 2020

Launched new product "POCKET".

January , 2020

Implemented the new core-banking system.

April , 2020

Issued closed-end bond.

September , 2020

Initiated Alliance program.

October , 2020

Implemented Kiosk service.

November , 2020

Acquired approval for e-money license.

December , 2020

The best investor award (NBFI Association)

January , 2021

Asset-backed securities worth 20 billion MNT were traded on Mongolian Stock Exchange

April , 2021

10 percent of the net profit of 2020 was distributed to its shareholders which in total amounted to 1.2 billion MNT (17MNT per share)

May , 2021

“Invescore Wallet NBFI” LLC received a digital currency license from the Bank of Mongolia in 2021.

July , 2021

Invescore Financial Group worked as a golden sponsor of “Tokyo-2020” within the framework of our social responsibility

August , 2021

The program to support micro and SMEnterprises was implemented in cooperation with “Rio Tinto 2021 Mongolia” LLC

September , 2021

The international organization “MicroFinanza Rating” SRL evaluated Invescore NBFI with an A-High rating which was the highest rating given currently in the domestic market.

December , 2021

3 million USD funding was accumulated from “Enabling Micro Finance Fund”. By achieving so, ISO9001:2015 and ISO27001:2013 have also been implemented afterward.

June , 2022

Financial Regulatory Commission has approved of issuing additional shares (FPO) and the initial order in the primary market was completed with 100.41%.

September , 2022

The “A-” rating received from the international “MicroFinanza Rating” SRL organization has been upgraded to “A”, becoming the pioneer in Mongolia

October , 2022

Within the framework of our social responsibility, Invescore Financial Group served as the main sponsor of Qatar 2023 FIFA World Cup live broadcast

December , 2022

Invescore Bond 2.0” – a bond worth 50 billion MNT was introduced to the securities market

December , 2022

Invescore NBFI has been awarded as “Entrepreneur of Non-bank Financial Organization” award of the National Chamber of Commerce in 2022.

January , 2023

Invescore Financial Group has implemented ESG systems into daily operations aligned with Mongolia’s principles of sustainable financing.

February , 2023

A long-term loan worth 5 million USD agreement has been signed with EBRD