Open securities introduction successfully completed.
General news • 2019/05/22
Open securities introduction successfully completed.

The “Introduction of Securities to the Public” meeting of Invescore Financial Institution was successfully concluded on May 22, 2019 at the Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel. During the event, more than 600 foreign and domestic guests came to learn about the company's securities.
At the beginning of the event, B.Ankhbold, Chairman of the Board, introduced the company's strategic planning, vision and goals in detail. He emphasized that he was working to expand into Central and Southeast Asian markets, and made an interesting presentation on the management team's work ethic, cutting back on inefficient spending, which is a luxury for executives, and for the well-being of its employees. He also shared his impressions of the company's success from the podium, thanks to the hard work of his dedicated staff.
According to the program, CEO D.Bayasgalan then presented general information on the financial sector, company profile, financial indicators and 5-year plan to the audience. Among the ongoing projects and programs, the SMB program, which supports small and medium-sized businesses, was highlighted, and a video was shown about the organizations that have expanded their operations under the program's loans and have risen to their feet.
S.Batchimeg, CEO of TDB Capital, an underwriter, provided the public with detailed information on the securities, comparing them with similar LendMN NBFIs and Ard Credit NBFIs.
Afterwards, the investors were given the opportunity to ask questions freely, and the underwriter, audit, law, and appraisal company executives answered the questions of interest and had an open discussion.

At the end of the program, the guests had dinner and learned more about the company and exchanged views.
If you haven't attended the event yet, please CLICK HERE to read more about the company and its securities. You can also watch the live video of the event posted on the company's  Invescore NBFI Facebook page  .

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